Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Published on 1st December, 2010

So, my fellow environmentanauts, as the Met office predicts more snow for later this week, the outlook for The Ecologic News© is also pretty grim.

First of all, Fred Olsen has pulled out of a major off-shore wind-farm project. This is bad news for Scotland. Read the full story here.

It looks like the superpowers are coming to loggerheads and firmly staying there, with neither America nor China willing to compromise on the upcoming climate summit in Cancun. Its not exactly nuclear war, but if no middle ground can be found, it may have just as far-reaching consequences. For more details, click the link.

He has been on the news recently saying that nuclear power is the way forward for the green movement. It’s put the radioactive cat amongst the environmental pigeons, albeit in the dirty alleyway that in my mind is Channel 4, but is he right? The Ecologist has an exclusive interview with him here, so decide for yourself.

However, on Islay, the Queen of the Hebrides, all the bad news is being ignored by 3000 islanders who, while distilling copious amounts of whiskey, have also agreed to the development of a tidal array on the sea-bed just offshore. If the demonstration works, then the whole of Islay will be powered by the sea, including the distilleries, which then go on to power the people. It’s a wonderful system, and here’s to them, in the hope that it works out.

And finally, a good news story. The Feed-In Tariff, which was much lauded and can be read about elsewhere on our website, has really taken off. A new blog from Yougen explains why and how.

Wrap up warm everyone, and have a good week!