Drum roll - The RHI has landed!

Published on 14th March, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the news we have all been waiting for is finally here! Yes, on Thursday 10th March, the Department for Energy and Climate Change set out it’s full plans for rolling out the Renewable Heat Incentive for commercial and domestic installations. As well as providing valuable motivation to those interested in reducing their Carbon Footprint, the confirmation of the RHI will provide a fantastic boost to the renewable technology sector, supporting jobs and the manufacturing industry.

The full press notice can be read here on the DECC website, but we’ve prepared a handy summary to clear up any questions you might have:

The Main Details

• In the first phase, commercial installations commissioned from 15th July 2009 will receive tariffs for Biomass, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and Biomethane • A new Premium Payment has been introduced to help domestic customers meet the upfront costs of installations • Domestic installations will begin to receive payments in the second phase • Tariffs will be guaranteed for 20 years, and reviewed annually, with levels linked to the Retail Price Index • Payments will be deemed by metering usage • Decisions are still to be made upon the inclusion of Air Source Heat Pumps, which will be announced from 2012

The Schedule

• May 2011- More details will be released for domestic installations, including the application process for the Premium Payment • July 2011- Premium Payment launched for domestic installations, with the first 25000 installs being eligible for a grant to help with the upfront costs • October 2011- Tariffs for commercial installations will become available • October 2012- Tariffs for domestic installations will become available


The tariffs for commercial generation can be found here on the DECC website, though should there be any confusion (and believe me, the renewables sector has been in overdrive since Thursday morning trying to get their heads around the press releases!), we will be publishing a full explanation shortly.

Any Questions?

Hopefully, this has cleared up any questions you might have had about the launch of the RHI. We’re working on bringing you a comprehensive guide for applications for existing commercial and domestic installations, as well as qualifying criteria for the RHI Premium Payment. In the meantime, please just call us on 0845 459 2053 if you have any queries.